Some books we’ve read recently and found interesting.  Sort of our “leisure reading” list..

The order in the list is totally arbitrary.

1997   The Innovator’s Dilemma. Clayton M Christensen
           Harvard:Harvard Business Press
           (Interesting read on how technology can be ‘disruptive’ and foster rapid change.)

1996  On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society
          Lt. Col. Davie Grossman  Boston:Little Brown & Co.
         (Interesting read on violence and how we are trained to commit and live with it.)

1999 The Elegant Universe.  Brian Greene.  New York: Vintage Books
         (Great read on Superstring Theory -  actually made it  understandable! )
2002   Why Terrorism Works.  Alan Dershowitz  New Haven:Yale Univ. Press
           (Sobering book on terrorism and what should be done about it)

2001   Body of Secrets:Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency
           James Bamford  New York:Doubleday  (a reasonably accurate
           account of NSA and its activities).

2002    Chemical and Biological Warfare:A Common Sense Guide For The
             Informed Citizen. E. Croddy.  New York:Copernicus Books.
             (a clear, non-technical read that is the back jacket
              says...”Be informed, not afraid”).  Highly recommended

2001    Mim’s Pathogensis of Infectious Disease (5th ed.). C. Mims, A. Nash,
            and J. Stephen. San Diego:Academic Press
            (a medical book which tells you everything you wanted to know about
              germs and how they operate in the human body).

2000    The Plague Makers (revised ed.).  Wendy Barnaby.
            New York:Continuum. (an easily read book on biological warfare).

1999   The Elegant Universe.  Brian Greene
           New York:Vintage Books
           (A clear and concise book on superstring theory and unified relativity theory.)

1999   Handbook of Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents. D. Ellison
           New York: CRC Press.  (The “bible” on biological warfare agents).

1999   Plague Wars.  Tom Mangold and Jeff Goldberg.
           New York:St. Martin’s (a detailed history of biological warefare)