The order in the list is totally arbitrary

2008  Detecting Lies and Deceit: Pitfalls and Opportunities.  Aldert Vrij   New York:Wiley
          (An updated and vastly improved book. Academic but informative.)

2000  Detecting Lies and Deceit. The Psychology of Lying. Aldert Vrij  New York:John Wiley
         (An academic book, but it covers most of the popular techniques well)

2001  I Know You Are L:ying.  Mark McClish
         (Reasonably well written book on Statement Analysis.)

2001  Criminal Interrogation and Confessions (4th Ed.) Fred Inbau
          John Reid, Joseph Buckley, Brian Jayne   Gaithersberg:Aspen Publishers
          (The ‘original’ manual on interrogation. A classic read)

1992  Telling Lies.  Paul Ekman New York: WW Norton
         (The most frequently quoted book on lies.  An easy and informative read.)

1994  Investigative Discourse Analysis.  Don Rabon  Durham:Carolina Academic Press
         (A well written, detailed presentation on techniques to analyze written statements)

1992  Interviewing and Interrogation. Don Rabon.  Durham:Carolina Academic Press
          (An overview of the interview process.  Not as good as his other book)

2003  Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation (2nd Ed.) Stan Walters
          Boca Raton:CRC Press (a textbook in reading “body language” and other physical
          indicators of deception)

1998  The Language of Confession, Interrogation, and Deception. Roger Shuy
          Thousand Oaks:Sage  (A linguistic treatise on deception. Interesting read, but
          adds little if one had read Ekman, Vrij, and Rabon).