This list assumes you already know criminal justice theories.

The order of the books in the list is totally arbitrary.

We also recommend reading most anything at:

2006     Rethinking Substance Abuse.  William Miller & Kathleen Carroll
             New York: Guillford (The latest and greatest on Substance Abuse and MI)

2006     Theories of Sexual Offending.
             Tony Ward, Devon Polascheck & Anthony Beech.
             England:John Wiley & Sons.
             (Excellent synopsis of all current theories and how they apply to practice.)

2002     PDR Drug Guide for Mental Health Professionals
             Montvale:Thompson Healthcare  (Released 9/19/02, a plain language reference for
             clinicians and practictioners.  Excellent Resource)

2002      Mosby’s Nursing Drug Reference. L. Skidmore-Roth, R.N.
              St. Louis:Mosby  (A wonderful resource on prescription drugs).

2002     Practical Aspects of Interview and Interrogation (2nd ed.) D. Zulawski &
             D. Wicklander.  New York: CRC Press  (a handbook full of useful
             information on interviews).

2000    A Primer of Drug Action (8th Ed.)  R. Julien, M.D.
             New York:Freeman & Co. (a plain text examination of drugs, both
             perscription and illicit, their effects and side-effects.  Very readable)

1998    Criminal Conduct and Substance Abuse Treatment: The Provider’s Guide
          . K. Wanberg & H. Milkman.  Thousand Oaks:Sage
            (A must have volume for agencies working with substance abusing offenders).
1994    The Psychology of Criminal Conduct.  D. Andrews & J. Bonta
               Cincinnati:Anderson (A psychological approach to the
               “What Works” literature).

1994    Changing For Good. J. Prochaska, J. Norcross, & C. Diclemente
               New York:William Morrow & Company  (Best explication of Stages of
               Change written).

1991    Motivational Interviewing.  W. Miller & S. Rollnick
               New York:Guilford.  (The classic text on MI technology)

1996     Choosing Correctional Options That Work. Alan Harland (ed).
                 Thousand Oaks:Sage. (Nice overview of corrections)

1997     Correctional Counseling & Rehabilitation. P. Van Voorhis, M. Braswell,
                 D. Lester Cincinnati:Anderson. (Good “survey” book)

1998     Criminal Conduct and Substance Abuse Treatment. K. Wanberg & H. Milkman
                Thousand Oaks:Sage (Best explication of cognitive approach to S.A.).

1986     Criminal Interrogation and Confessions (3rd Ed.) F. Inbau, J. Reid, J. Buckley
                Baltimore:Williams & Wilkins  (A classic on interrogation techniques)

1977      Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison.  Michel Foucault
               New York:Vintage Books. (A must read for anyone in corrections).

1977      American Prisons:A History of Good Intentions. Blake McKelvey
               Montclair:Patterson-Smith. (An excellent history of american corrections)

1994      McElhaney’s Trial Notebook (3rd Ed.)  James McElhaney
               Chicago:American Bar Association (A good read on how trials work.)

1977      The Transformation of American Law.  Morton Horwitz
               Cambridge:Harvard University Press (An excellent review of law).



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