Aggression Replacement:  offenders learn the difference between assertion and aggression; replacing aggressive behavior with four part complaints. (8 sessions)

     1. Styles of relating
     2. Effective communication
     3. Making a 4 part complaint
     5. Preparing for a stressful situation
     6. Dealing with conflict
     7. Dealing with accusations
     8. Dealing with failure
     9. Dealing with provocation

Anger Control:  content covers cues, triggers, and cognitive structure of anger; learning to mitigate the onset and intensity of anger (7 sessions)

     1. Examining anger
     2. Anger cues
     3. Anger triggers
     4. Anger producing
     5. Time outs
     6. Anger boosters
     7. Anger styles

Parenting Skills:  clients develop and practice parenting skills that are age-appropriate for children from birth through adolescence. (7 sessions)

     1. Relationships with your child
     2. Helping your child develop self esteem
     3. Shifting roles as your child ages
     4. Understanding patterned behavior
     5. Creating an environment for your child’s success
     6. Coaching your child
     7. Training your children to settle disputes

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