Financial Management:  clients practice establishing and managing budgets for food, housing, necessities, and leisure; cost of credit and money management are also covered. (5 sessions)

     1. It pays to plan
     2. Your housing dollar
     3. Your food dollar
     4. Developing and using a budget
     5. The cost of credit

Employment Skills:  a practical and effective guide to job search, employment applications, interview skills, and how to keep a good job. (5 sessions)

     1. Highlight your skills
     2. Investigating potential employers
     3. Ready yourself
     4. Expressing your value
     5. Demonstrating your worth

Dealing with Difficult Situations:  clients learn to deal with stress, embarrassment, and provocation. (6 sessions)

     1. Learning the basics
     2. Dealing with provocation
     3. Dealing with accusations
     4. Dealing with failure and accepting “No”
     5. Dealing with feeling rejected or embarrassed
     6. Dealing with contradictory messages

Self Assertion:  the course teaches offenders to be assertive without being aggressive. There is some duplication of material found in Aggression Replacement (6 sessions)

     1. Styles of relating
     2. Effective communication
     3. Making a 4 part complaint
     4. Preparing for a stressful conversation
     5. Six steps to assertion
     6. Negotiation

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