Is Quick Skills for Me?

1.  If you are looking for a curriculum that is a tightly scripted “cookbook” type of material, Quick Skills is not what you want.  We believe that programs should hire competent instructors, provide them with quality material and training, and then get out of their way.  Toward that end, each Quick Skills session provides the instructor with the following:

A. A clear set of learning objectives.

B. A conceptual matrix (theoretical underpinning) of what is to be accomplished in the session.  This matrix usually also identifies how the particular session relates to others and the “big picture”.

C. A list of the materials needed to teach the session.

D. A detailed, step-by-step outline of how we suggest the class should be presented. This process outline guides, but does not confine, the instructor.

E. Homework assignments for the students.  This enhances the “transfer” of material to the offender’s life.

If you are seeking a tightly scripted curriculum, you might want to examine T3 Associates’ Reasoning and Rehabilitation (Ross,  They have one of the best tightly scripted curriculums on the market.

2.  If you want a “lecture format” course, Quick Skills is not for you. Quick Skills is designed such that the instructor provides a clear, step by step explanation of the skill to be acquired and then facilitates the class in learning both the skill and its transfer to their lives.  Quick Skill is not a didactic “classroom” type of course.  The classes tend to be lively.

Theoretical Foundation of Quick Skills