Agencies are licensed to utilize Quick Skills once their staff have been certified as Quick Skill Instructors.  The certification requires instructors to successfully complete a 32 hour training course. The course is traditionally taught in four consecutive days at a negotiated location.  For agencies outside the Denver area of Colorado wishing to train 5 or more instructors, it is generally more cost effective for agencies  have the training staff come to the agency location than to send staff to Boulder, Colorado for the training. All Instructor Training courses are taught by Dr. Tanner, the author of Quick Skills.

Quick Skills Instructor Curriculum

Day One

          Introductions and Overview of Quick Skills Curriculum
          Conceptual Matrix of Quick Skills Approach
                 “What Works” (Andrews & Bonta research)
                  Prochaska Stages of Change
                  Goldstein’s Approach to Structured Skill Development
                  Cognitive Restructuring Theory
                  Cognitive Development Theory
                  Combining Technologies (how Quick Skills works)

         Instructional Modeling - Thinking Traps Unit

     Evening - “Homework assignment”
        Participants read & review five units

Day Two

                Learning Styles and Related Approaches
                Interpersonal Characteristics of Effective Instructors
                Unique Traits of Adult Students
                Instructional Techniques
                Managing Participatory Learning
                Overcoming Resistance in the Classroom

         Instructional Modeling - Problem Solving Unit

     Evening - “Homework assignment”
        Participants read & review five units

Day Three

          Analysis and Discussion of Course Content
                Anger Control
                Aggression Replacement
                Self Assertion
                Learning Skills
                Social Skills

          Analysis and Discussion of Course Content
               Parenting Skills
               Financial Management
               Employment Skills
               Dealing with Feelings
               Dealing with Difficult Situations

          Preparation for practicum teaching

Day Four

          Practicum Instruction & Feedback

          Practicum Instruction & Feedback
          Curriculum Management
          Review & Wrap-up

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